2023 Researcher Development Event

We were delighted to be able to reintroduce the annual ceilidh at 2023 Researcher Development Event, which proved a great success. The students also enjoyed some outdoor Team Challenges as respite from the intensive more academic aspects of this year’s events, which included student presentations, poster sessions and informative talks from guest speakers.

Dr Elaine Hunter, Research Impact Officer for the Universoity of Glasgow’s College of Science and Engineering, and one of the first Medical Research Scotland (MRS)-sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellows, encouraged the students to consider the importance of the impact of their research and Dr Alec McLean (MRS Trustee) provided insight into the role of MRS from the perspective of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). The event was also an opportunity for MRS to explain to the students how the charity funds the research and PhD Studentship it supports.