Celebrating a decade of PhD Studentship Funding

In December 2022, Medical Research Scotland celebrated 10 years of the PhD Studentship programme. Welcoming trustees, current students, alumni and friends of MRS to celebrate and showcase the contribution to medical research training in Scotland.

The studentships support research that aims to improve health in Scotland and globally in three ways: by improving the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases; by understanding basic disease processes; and by the development of medical technologies.

Scotland’s scientific community has made a huge impact in research improving health – advancing the global medical community’s treatment and management of the disease is evident that with the right investment and funding programmes, the potential of Scotland’s medical research is significant and will provide a healthier future.

We have seen the benefits of our studentship and research programmes across a huge range of medical fields covering cancer research to mental health, dementia, respiratory diseases and COVID-19. The prestigious PhD Studentship programme has supported more than 130 PhD students with almost 10 million of funding.

We are excited to have up another cohort of students starting in 2023 and to see the real-world impact of their work to create a healthier future.