2018 PhD Commercial Training Event

The annual Commercial Training event proved a success all round. While the Perthshire climes were not totally in our favour while the students tossed cables, hurled wellies and putted the stane in a mini Highland Games, the star haggis hurler gained comfort and warmth in their prize of a bottle of whisky. The Scottish theme continued with the students entering into the spirit of a Ceilidh, an enlightening experience for those from other parts of the world.

The two day was not totally consumed with social activities and the students gave first class presentations on their research and learnt about each other’s projects as well as hearing informative and thought provking presentations from Dr Mike Capladi, Director of Innovation for the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine; Mrs Julia Brown, Sector Portfolio Director, High Value Manufacturing and Health for Scottish Enterprise and Professor Heather Wallace, Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Aberdeen and Trustee of Medical Research Scotland. The students left the event with a clearer idea of the cost challenges faces by modern healthcare, the impact of research for public benefit and careers in academia thanks to the excellent external speakers presentations, many thanks to the speakers.